Luxor & Nile

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Luxor is situated at the east-bank of the Nile in South-Egypt.

Here was once ancient Thebes, capital of the pharaohs during the heyday of their power from 16.-11. Century BC Chr. 

Today's City includes imposing monuments (Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple ...) numerous mosques and not far away the Valley of the Kings with its impressive tombs.

Tip: stay in a guest house on the West Bank and be in the centre of egyptian life and you are still on the quieter side of the Nile


Mahmood Hussien

your englisch-speaking driver in Luxor & at the Nile

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on the way ...

with an Oldtimer ...

with an Egyptian Ferrari ...

with a Felluka on the Nile ...

with a local Taxi ...

walking ...

with a Tuk Tuk ...

or maybe you would enjoy a bicycle-tour or donkey-trecking to the fields heading for small villages around Luxor?

It is all possible!

Mahmood fullfills your wishes spontanously, uncomplicated, and with a lot of joy!


arrange a tour with Mahmood for Luxor and / or Nile

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Valley of the Kings

Main Attraction for tourists in Egypt. A must see! Only some thombs can be visited, not all, but still absolutely fastinating.


Karnak-Tempel and Luxor Temple are most popular, but a very nice one and less known is the Medinet Habu Temple

Sound & Light-Show

  • Karnak-Tempel
  • Luxor-Tempel


visit some of the more than 200 mosques in Luxor

the Market

if you have Mahmood with you, the local shop-sellers won´t bother you! ... well, at least a lot less ...  and you can have a look around without beeing disturbed all the time.


with a smal local boat, Felluka, (sailing or with engine)


Egyptian Ferrari

slow travelling slows you down.

Ballone Ride

early in the morning ...

sunrise over Luxor


enjoy a sailing trip with a small local boat, Felluka, on the nile.

wonderful atmosphere

from Luxor to Assuan

in 4 - 6 days



meet the cobra hunter & make friendship with a real cobra

Country & People

enjoy the hospitality of locals, friends & family

shoe cleaning on the street