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Sustainable Tourism with Local Drivers

I wanted to learn more about the life and the people in Egypt during my 6th visit to Egypt. Maybe with a local Driver?

In Luxor I found Mahmood and in Hurghada Tayeb. 2 very reliable, sympathetic and humorous Egyptians who showed me with enthusiasm their country and life in Egypt.


It was indescribable and very different from what you can book in catalogues or Hotels.  You have to experience it yourself. Our tour was full of surprises and unique adventures not typically experienced as a tourist.


I felt good protected, warmly welcomed and gifted to have the opportunity of travelling with these egyptian drivers. 


This Web page shall help the Drivers in their daily struggly and contribution for their families ...


If you like to travel gently through egypt, learn a lot about Country and People,  are curious and open-minded, don´t need luxury, looking forward to an unforgetable adventure  ...  




Further information on the costs see below


Some donate money, I donate a homepage!

It only costs me time  ...


and if you want to donate for flyers, business cards, and online marketing, ... you are more than welcome ....


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Ines Fortenbacher

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The Egyptians are incredibly hospitable and enjoy honestly foreigners (on non touristic paths without money or Business motivated) .


It's quite different than what we experience in the tourist centres such as Luxor east bank and Hurghada Coastal Road. It is a big advantage if you are with a local. You can walk through the town / along the souvenir shops without constantly beeing pressed to buy a souvenir, book a tour, Baksheesh...


You have time to look around and to absorb the foreign impressions. 



... even at the cash machine ...

children, chidren, children, ...

street restaurants

the locals know where to eat fresh and sober food


Securitymen everywhere ... in the mosques, streets, at the beaches ...

Poverty in Egypt

The Egyptian middle class is shrinking for years, while at the same time, the mass of the poor grow faster and faster. The percentage of Egyptians living below the official poverty line increased in the last ten years under Husni Mubarak from 17 to 25 per cent.


Since the fall of autocrat and the ensuing political chaos, this development is still accelerating.


High inflation, decline in tourism for fear of attacks, unemployment and high prices pushes more and more Egyptians into poverty.



At this point, I can give only a recommendation.

The prices are negotiable with the


Roughly the driver gets about €20 per day.

Depending on whether you are travelling with a car, donkey, boat, or other vehicle, the price should be adjusted accordingly.  Gasoline, lunch, entrance fees, booked trips, specials... should be paid extra.



rely on your Fairness!